Poor Performers Don’t Know They’re Poor Performers

I read an article in the Harvard Business Review recently that said that poor performers usually think they’re strong performers.

I’ve found this to be almost invariably true.

  1. If you’re an employee, ask your boss today how hard he/she would fight to keep you if you were thinking of leaving.  When you go home tonight, you’ll know exactly where you’re at.
  2. If you’re a boss, sit down with your problem employee with a chart like this one and have them plot themselves on it:

photo 1

On the left axis they decide what percentage of their time is spent having a great attitude, and on the bottom axis they choose what percentage of their time is spent in being productive.   Then they put an x on the chart.  When they’ve had their turn, you get your turn and plot them where you see them, and specifically what they need to do to get better.

This is called being a reality advisor, and it’s an important part of the leader’s job.

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