Random Rules For Success In Life

This week, I’m going to give you my list of rules for success at work, in no particular order:

  1. Consult everybody, all the time: communication is every company’s number one or two problem.  Solve it this way.  Text people.  Talk in hallways.  Hold huddles.  Write blogs.  Over-communicate.
  2. Thank everyone profusely, at every level: This costs nothing. Receptionists, custodians, sales people, admin folks, CEOs.  Thank them all with reckless abandon.
  3. Add value to someone’s life every day: You are put on earth to serve someone else.  Do so.  Serve your boss, serve your team, serve your family, serve your customer.  Be a servant.  Serve your way to success.
  4. Value your internal team more highly than your customer: Sacrilege, I know.  It’s just that when you do this, your customer receives ridiculous service and quality.
  5. Own it: Worried about your job?  Worried about keeping a customer?  There has always been, there will always be a place for the person who says “I’ll take care of it” and does so without having to be checked up on or reminded.
  6. Assume control of your own emotions: The reason other people sometimes hate being around you is because you vent your negative emotions.  This is incredibly wearying.  Control your emotional responses, and share them when they lift the team.  You’ll be the most popular person at work, trust me.

Choose the rule you need to work on this week!

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