Really Clear Versus Kinda Clear

A big shout-out today to my client and friend Dave Van Belle, CEO of Van Belle Nursery, who was one of the keynote speakers at the annual Great Game of Business Conference two weeks ago in St. Louis.  Speaking to a packed house, there were even chants of “DAVE FOR PRESIDENT” as he talked about the inspiring story of how their business has started sharing financial information with employees so that they can be their best, and also share in the wealth they help to create.  Alas, if not for the ‘natural born citizen” clause…

Last night, Dave and I were discussing the difference between REALLY clear and KINDA clear.  That distinction represents a big part of the efficiency problems in your business and in the various teams that make up your business.

Are you clear on what the TOP GOAL is for your business this quarter and this year?  Is each department aware of what their TOP GOAL is that will help your company get to its top goal?

And is each person on each team aware of their TOP GOAL for the quarter?

Anyone who’s ever worn glasses understands the difference between really clear and kinda clear.  Make sure you and your teams do too.

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