Salary Maker, Not Salary Taker

One of my clients has a great core value:

Be a salary maker, not a salary taker. 

What that means is, employees are expected to show up looking for ways to contribute and earn their salary, not go to work to collect their special bonus for showing up.

I find that lots of employers are afraid to address poor performance from members of their team.  They worry that their input will be taken badly, that the employee will be hurt or angry or will ‘quit and stay.’

But my view is that employers should pay great money to people who are actively helping to grow the business, not to people who are nesting in the business.

The employees that get angry or upset when poor behaviour is addressed are not your salary makers, but your salary takers.  My experience is that, every single time poor behaviour is addressed, salary making stars cheer.  So do it!  You are not running a daycare.

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