Secrets to a Happy Marriage

My wife and I have been married this month for 20 years and we have a very happy marriage.  Here are some marriage/relationship tips that you won’t read in any self-help book:

  1. You are responsible for your own happiness – your partner can’t/won’t make you happy.  Figure it out yourself.
  2. Develop a series of signals that can be used in public.  We have signals for:
    • Let’s go
    • I love you
    • This is stupid
    • Others not suitable for print
  3. If your partner snores, cluck your tongue three times as soon as they do it.  They hear the clucking and roll over without really waking up (you have to discuss this so that both know what the clucking means).
  4. The best aphrodisiac is being nice (not oysters).
  5. Don’t correct your partner publicly.  Stories are for entertainment, not for purposes of strict historical accuracy.
  6. Focus on your partner’s positive qualities and have grace for the negatives – they’re not going to change much.
  7. Stop trying to make them better – instead focus on making yourself better.

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