Start a Meeting With 3 Questions

My friend and client Justin Mitchell, managing partner of Frontline Real Estate, starts his weekly meeting with a cool twist.  He asks each team member to respond to this question:

“Please rate three areas of your life out of 10; personal, health and business.  Give a rating for each one and include any play-by-play commentary that seems relevant.”

There are some great benefits to this question, it’s a nice warm way to start your meeting. It gives you a quick snapshot of each person’s life.  And most important, it guards everyone against unpleasant surprises.

If someone is giving business a 5, this is good to know, and this person’s situation needs attention.  If health is low, it gives everyone subtext to understand how they’re showing up at work.  And if a team member rates their personal life a 4, a wise leader’s ears perk up because of course, everyone’s personal and professional life are the same life.

Try the questions as I have – they work like a charm.

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