That Boring Meeting

I sympathize with you; I truly do.  I hate meetings too.  They often feel pointless and mind numbing.  They go too long and people play head games in them and on and on.  I do get it.

Meetings can be a way to transmogrify human energy into solid waste.

Having said that, I’m not going to suggest how to change your meetings today, but how to change the you that attends the meetings.

Imagine the leader of your meeting scored you on these criteria:

In our meeting, did this person do their best to:

Display a positive attitude? /10
Be a positive contributor? /10
Build stronger relationships? /10
Be fully engaged in the topics? /10

How would you score?

Is the problem the meeting, or is the problem you?

In future tips I’ll talk about how to make meetings more effective, but let’s start with where positive change always begins:  you and your attitude.

Engage positively this week!  Try being fully engaged! Try going out of your way to strengthen a relationship!  Find a way to contribute!  See if your meetings seem more meaningful as a result!

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