The Difference Between a Problem and a Bill

Lots of us confuse problems with bills.

Here are some problems that people around me are going through:

  1. An acquaintance was diagnosed with M.S.
  2. A friend is having serious marriage issues
  3. A friend has a child that has very precarious health

Here are some bills around me that people are struggling with:

  1. An unexpected tax audit cost a friend a big chunk of money
  2. A client lost a big account that hit sales numbers hard
  3. For a number of reasons, a friend found himself in a pretty tight cash flow situation for a few months

I’m not belittling bills, but remember that money is your most easily renewed resource.  There are always more customers, more opportunities and more dollars to be earned.

So if your problem is actually just a bill, suck it up, pay it and say a prayer for the people who are facing real problems.

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