The Law of the Farm

I worked on a farm through my college years, and while I made lots of mistakes (I’m just now having a vivid memory of punching a neat hole through the back of the barn with the chute of the bailer while parking it) I also had an opportunity to observe first hand, every day, the most important law of life:

The law of the farm

What you plant, you eventually harvest.

When you first plant wheat, it’s nothing, not even visible.  After it germinates, it looks like grass.  And in due time, it looks exactly like what it was when it was originally planted, just bigger.  It becomes full grown, orders of magnitude larger than what was originally planted.

This is true in our lives as well.

Bad habits eventually grow into life-choking plants:







Selfishness/crazy living

Broken relationships


Debt, stress and financial bondage

In the same way, tiny daily good habits also grow into mature plants:




Good health

Work ethic

Career success

Treating people right

Trust, warmth, love, relational success

Regular investing

Security, options and peace of mind

It’s about what makes it on to your daily schedule.  If you practice a good habit every day, in time it will grow from a seed into a tree that brings you (and those around you) shade and beauty.

Plant a thought, harvest an action;

Plant an action, harvest a habit;

Plant a habit, harvest a character;

Plant a character, harvest a destiny.

What’s one good choice you can make today that will pay positive dividends in the future?

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