The Star Is a Better Player Than the Coach

Some leaders can never move ahead because they think that their job is to be the genius.  They have to come up with all the good ideas, they have to dominate the meetings, they have to add their two cents to every discussion.  In short, they think their job is to be the smartest guy in the room.

But in the sports world, how many coaches are better than their players?  Back in the day, Oiler’s coach Glen Sather wasn’t much of hockey player.  In his prime, he could probably be outplayed by anyone in the organization that he coached.  5’10” John Wooden wouldn’t have made much of a basketball player.

But these men understood that their key role was to assemble a great team that got great results under their inspiring leadership.

Let go of having to be the best player on your team.  Instead, be the coach that recruits and inspires the very best talent available.

“Life is an obstacle course in which I am the chief obstacle” Jack Paar

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