The Three Levers That Control Your Emotions

There are three primary levers that you can pull to control your emotional state.  They are:

  1. The words you use. If you hear negative words coming out of your mouth, you know that you will feel bad.  Speak positively and you’ll feel much better.
  2. What you focus on. If you’re focused on problems, people’s negative behaviours, or tough circumstances, you will feel bad.  Focus on solutions.  Don’t ignore the problems, but move quickly on to what you’re going to do to fix things.
  3. What you do with your body. When you feel bad, you’re probably slouched down in a chair or laying on a couch.  Stand up, go for a brief fast walk, do some jumping jacks, walk around your desk.  Your emotions respond positively to physical activity.

I guarantee that you will feel much happier if you decide to pull these three levers every day.

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