The ‘Title-Reliant’ Leader

I don’t care much for titles because they’re often about ego and pecking order.  Here’s how to tell if a key person is not really leading, but just relying on their title:

  1. People won’t follow them outside of the confines of their job description: Direct reports follow only because they’re forced to.
  2. They need you to step in and ‘support’ their position with their team: They don’t yet have the respect to get things done on their own.                         
  3. In a volunteer leadership position, they get demolished: When people have a choice as to who they follow, you find out who the real leaders are!
  4. They care deeply about what their business card says: They still believe that people respect their title, not them.

If you see this in any of your key people, coach them to leadership beyond titles.

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