Things Aren’t as Bad or as Good as You Think

If you feel down this morning, remember that things aren’t as bad or as good as you think.  Whatever your situation, it could actually be a lot worse, although it may not feel like it right now.

If you’re on cloud nine and ecstatic about where your business is at, remember that things aren’t as good you think.  If you dig up the floorboards there is always lots of rats and mess under there.

I’m always skeptical when someone describes their business in the most glowing terms.  I wonder to myself, “Do they not know the reality, or are they just on an exaggeration bender?

I’m equally skeptical when someone is very down about their business.  I wonder to myself, “Do they not realize that problems and dead ends are the catalysts that force us toward opportunity and innovation?”

So don’t let yourself get too downcast, and don’t be blinded by your wins, because:

Things are never as good, or as bad as you think they are.

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