To Grow the Company, You Must Grow the People

I was talking with a client this week about how much his business has grown, and how to sustain that growth.  My thoughts apply to most of us in our businesses.

Most of us don’t have shortages in raw materials.  There are no shortages of technologies or I.T. tools that we can implement.  Brick and mortar structures aren’t in short supply for the most part.  If anything, there’s an overabundance of ‘things’ that we can all use to grow our businesses with.

But what is in terribly short supply is energized, engaged teams that work together really well and are constantly innovating and growing.

If you want the business to grow or keep on growing, the people inside the business have to grow too.  They grow by:

  • Getting chances to lead in ways they haven’t before
  • Reading/listening to books, podcasts and webinars
  • Having mentors/coaches that have been where they’re trying to go
  • Attending seminars and other outside training events
  • Being incented to share in the wealth they help to create

How are you growing yourself and your team so that your company can grow?  It won’t happen without intentionality.

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