To Grow You Have to Want It Passionately

Occasionally I run into business owners who wonder why their businesses aren’t growing.  What I’ve observed working with leaders of businesses in fast growth is that, to a person, they want growth passionately and have all their efforts focused on it.

They are plotting and planning and scheming their next winning move.  They’re competitive.  They struggle with guilt over work-life balance, knowing that they need to devote time to their personal life but finding it really tough.  And they’re having huge amounts of fun growing the business, even though it’s really stressful.

When you spend a day with these leaders, you don’t wonder why they’re growing.  Instead, you realize that there’s no way they couldn’t grow considering the massive action they take on a daily basis.

So if you’re not growing like you’d like to, ask yourself, “do you really want it?”  Nothing is accomplished without passion.

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