To Increase Performance, Add Structure

The recipe for increasing your performance, or the performance of people around you is simple but not easy.  Here it is:

To increase performance, add structure

Think about this in the context of sports.  When you play beer league hockey, you show up for game time (your teammates hope), go out on the ice and get sweaty, have a great time and score a few goals if you can.  If you win, you celebrate and go home.  Your team’s performance is ok, but nothing to take note of.

Compare that to an NHL team in terms of structure.  In the NHL, your practice will be structured, your role on the ice will be highly structured, what you eat and how you exercise will be structured, and your dissection of the game once it’s done will be structured.  You’ll work with multiple coaches who will be giving you constant feedback on where your game is strong, where it’s weak and how you can improve.  And to think that some people think business coaches are for weak players – like athletes, it’s quite the opposite!

What kind of structures are you currently using to maximize your performance?  What structures and accountabilities do you need to perform better?  How about your team?  What do they need to be their best?   Figure it out and get it done!

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