Tools, Not Inspirational Messages

The world of ‘coaching’ that I inhabit tends to be pretty flaky.  I’ve taken clients to events to hear speakers, and when they meet my ‘colleagues’ the mocking that I endure for the next 3 weeks just isn’t worth the pain of me going again.  For the moment, I’m going to gloss over the remote but statistical possibility that I’m no different from any of them, but I digress.

What I’ve learned from these events is that inspiration charges you up for a few hours or days (hours more likely) but the thing that really changes behaviour in you and your team is the use of new tools.

The problem with inspiration is that its shelf life is so short.  A couple of weeks after an event, it’s highly unlikely that your life has permanently changed.  But if you start using a new tool that shapes your habits, you’ll see things going in a better direction permanently.

Forget exhorting people to try to focus more on results.  Instead, start using an accountabilities chart that’s revisited in a team meeting every week.  You’ll see behaviour change almost right away.

Forget living with elephants in the room in your relationships with employees.  Instead, go through a ‘coach and connect’ time quarterly, where everything that needs to be said gets said.

Your life represents a series of habits, good and bad, and tools help you change those permanently.

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