Top Time Wasters

According to a survey done by AOL, we waste 2.09 hours for every 8 hours that we spend at work.

Here are the top 10 time vampires that we succumb to:

  • 44.7%  Using the internet for personal browsing
  • 23.4%  Socializing
  • 6.8%  Conducting personal business
  • 3.9%  Daydreaming
  • 3.1%  Running errands
  • 2.3%  Personal phone calls
  • 1.2%  Applying for other jobs (!)
  • 1.0%  Planning personal events
  • 1.0%  Arriving late/leaving early

Most of us feel that we have much more to do than we can accomplish in a day or a week.  So my tip today is to take 10 minutes this morning to plan your 3 top priorities for the day, and your top priority for the week.  Driving toward a goal helps to keep you focused.

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