We Can Always Earn Another Dollar but We Can’t Create Another Minute

I spent part of this week speaking at an event in Baltimore.  It was amazing to me that this marks the third year in a row I’ve spoken for this group.  It feels like last Tuesday that I spoke to them for the first time.  Where has the time gone?  We all have these feelings, and they intensify once you pass 40.  Like a roll of toilet paper, life runs out faster the closer you get to the end.

It may seem like money is what matters most, but the real key to long term career happiness is finding the right river to swim in.  Take a financial hit to get somewhere that:

  1. Allows your best gifts and talents to bloom
  2. Challenges you
  3. Lets you engage in your work with your whole heart, holding nothing back

The happiest people I meet are the ones who are busy doing something that matters to them, and are helping others along the way.

Don’t make your life about money.  You can always earn another dollar, but you can’t make another minute.

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