What I Look for When I’m Hiring

I do lots of hiring interviews, and I’ve learned a few things about spotting stars.  Here are some of my best (but obviously not best-kept!) secrets:

  • Most often, star players are already working somewhere else, not out of work and looking for a job.
  • Stars tend to be ‘pushed, not pulled.’  In other words, they get asked to move from one job to another.  They aren’t pushed off the back of the bus (fired, restructured, laid off) because no one wants them anymore.
  • They have maturity.  In other words, they’re able to see life from the perspective of someone else, not just from their own vantage point.
  • Stars have a track record of success.  They eventually figure out how to win, and then move on somewhere else.

Now for the biggest one – the main quality I’m looking for above all others:

Stars are RESOURCEFUL.  They come up against challenges and find ways to overcome them and win.  They don’t meet obstacles, find that their tummy hurts and head home for dinner.

One star player produces three to six times as much as a ‘fine’ person.  Why are you not bending all of your efforts to attract and retain them?

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