When It Isn’t Quite Good Enough

My wife was away visiting family this past week, and my life and our home began a slow devolution back to my bachelor days. Clothes didn’t get hung up, the toaster stayed on the counter, meals weren’t super nutrition focused, and the cat didn’t seem at all happy with her lot with me as primary care giver.

Jenn in Ucluelet

You see, Jenn is one of those people for whom good enough is NOT good enough. It’s either right or it requires more effort to make it just right. And she’s willing to put in the work to get it there. As a result, she kind of does everything well.

Who do you have in your organization like that? That person who goes over it just one more time. Who stays late to make sure shipping happens exactly right. Who isn’t content with business as usual.

Today, instead of being annoyed with them, go and thank them for raising everyone’s standards and for the care they put into everything they do. Without people like this, we’d all be lost, me most of all!

Getting ahead is about getting started!

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