You Have a Job Because You Take Away Stress

I want you to stop and remember this morning that you have a customer (and a job) because you take away their stress in some area.  The minute you forget that – or worse, begin adding to their stress – that relationship, or possibly your job is in danger.

The longer you’re in a work relationship, the easier it is to forget that you continue to be there because you reduce stress, not because you’re a nice person and you’ve known your customer or your boss for a long time.

Loyalty exists as long as you continue to reduce stress.  Why do you choose the professionals in your life?  Why do you shop where you do?  It’s because these people decrease  your stress.  Once they start adding to it, you look elsewhere.

So take a minute and ask yourself these questions:

  • How am I reducing the stress of the people around me (boss or customer)
  • How might I be adding to their level of stress?
  • What new initiative have I undertaken in the last three months to reduce their stress so that they breathe a silent ‘thank you’ that they have you around?

There’s always a place for someone who can take away stress.


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