5 Profitable Small Business Ideas You Need to Know

small business ideas

Maybe you’re trying to create a new source of income or you want to run your own business. But you’re fresh out of business ideas and that’s okay. Because there are so many small business ideas and side hustle ideas, sometimes it can be difficult to choose one. You may notice that some of the ideas on this list are quite popular. This is good because it makes them less risky but more competitive. Your choice of business should be one that deeply resonates with you– if you’re great at motivating people you can start a consulting or training business. What if you’re a whiz with numbers, you can start a financial planning business.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new! If you’re passionate about creating a profitable and sustainable business, some amazing small business ideas are here.

Big Idea…Small Business

The best ideas for your future business could be as simple as the solution you create for a problem you’re facing or have had to deal with in the past.

Amir Salihefendic, the founder of Todoist says Todoist is a tool he made for himself while he was a computer science student working two jobs on the side. He had a lot of projects going on and needed to properly manage his work. And after unsuccessfully trying a couple of products in the market he decided to make one for his personal use.

When I started Todoist, I never imagined it would become anything significant – it’s only later that I released its true potential.”, this is Amir in an interview with HuffPost’s contributor Raymon B. Neuz.

5 Small Business Ideas You Can Start Now

Owning a Daycare

The need for a good daycare is high. Because, parents and guardians are constantly searching for a safe place for their children while they work– a home away from home. You can fill this need in your neighborhood by opening your own. Opening a daycare is a good choice especially if you have the experience and enjoy caring for children. Also, this is a business that allows you to work from home and care for your own kids too. By doing this you get to earn money while experiencing your kids’ milestones and growth. There are a lot of personal and emotional advantages too. Spending most of your time with children will help you learn how to appreciate simple things in life such as friendship, taking naps rather than stress over meetings, filing paperwork, and other issues tied to 9-5 or 8-4 jobs. But make sure you comply with the rules and regulations for opening a daycare in your area. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to open a daycare.

Home-Based Catering

Do you love to cook and enjoy creating large potions for events (or do you think you’ll)? You should consider catering. As a caterer, you get to choose your own project, the time you’ll work, and make money doing something you enjoy. You can start this business on a small scale by taking local orders then as you grow you can start providing services for social gatherings or corporate events. While there is no surefire recipe for success when it comes to starting a catering business, determination, passion for cooking, and a zeal to succeed can go a long way! Many catering start-ups succeed by focusing on a specific niche. For instance, if your expertise is in African cuisine, you’d focus on Nigerian-African events around your area and promote them through African publications and other resources you know Africans will read. Starting a home-based catering service is a great small business idea and this article is a complete guide to starting one.

House Cleaning

If there is one thing everybody has to deal with it’s cleaning– but very few people enjoy it. But if you enjoy cleaning, this could become a very lucrative small business for you. Before starting your cleaning business, make sure you take a survey of the competition. How many cleaning services or cleaners are in operation in your area? How many residential or commercial properties? Knowing this helps you to decide on the market you intend to target. Once you have an idea for your cleaning business, you can take steps toward becoming established. A good place to start is by getting industry certifications that show your abilities. Here is what you need to know about starting a cleaning business.

Content Writing Agency

Like most businesses starting a content writing agency is a bit tough– so yeah if you plan on starting one you’ve got a lot to do. But not to worry, with consistency you’ll always get the desired result. Do you cringe every time you read badly written content? Do you find it hard not to scream when you go to a company’s website and notice how weak their content marketing game is? And do you like the idea of creating a business that solves these problems? Creating a content service company could be just what you need.  A win-win situation for you– and your prospects! They create badass products or services, you create badass content for their brand! Read what Julia McCoy has to say about starting a content writing business. Julia created her content writing agency 11 years ago while she was 19 (she used her last 75$). And exited 10 years with a 13, 000x ROI on her initial investment. Also, you don’t need a qualification to start this business!

Dog Walking

You can start a dog walking business without any formal qualification. All you need is the patience and confidence to manage different dogs’ personalities. This is no doubt a profitable pet venture with low capital cost. Dog walking involves walking other people’s dogs when they can’t do it themselves. Maybe because the owner is working, on holiday or they don’t just have the time. Although you don’t need any form of qualifications, having a business bank account and insurance may help get your business off the ground. Here’s all you need to know about starting a dog walking business.

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Choose a Business Idea that Works for You

There are over a thousand small business ideas you can start but the best and most sustainable ones are the ones that involve activities you like, your hobbies, or a course you’re passionate about. Hopefully one or two of the business ideas on this list resonates with you. Whether you’re a work-from-home parent, a student or a freelance worker remember there are many opportunities out there to make a profit. Don’t miss out!

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