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The education sector experienced many changes over the last decade. The internet transformed the way that information is accessed and delivered. With that, schools are changing the way they teach. Learning management systems are now a staple in places like universities. Course content that was once only available in textbooks are now available as videos and websites.

Platforms like WileyPLUS aim to increase student access to learning. They achieve this through their learning tools and content available on their platform.

What is WileyPLUS

WileyPLUS is a web-based learning platform for instructors and students. They provide multi-media course content that instructors can tailor for their class. Instructors can use WileyPLUS’s content as a supplement to existing Wiley textbooks and in class teaching.

Students going to school at places that use WileyPLUS can sign up for an account through the website. The platform provides access to instructor customized course content along with other learning tools.

As a subsidiary of John Wiley & Son, a textbook publishing company, much of the course content is geared to post-secondary subjects. Instructors and education institutions can purchase accounts for students as a supplement to existing textbooks and courseware.

How instructors can use WileyPLUS

For instructors, WileyPlus provides customizable course content for a wide range of subjects. They can select the subjects they teach and customize the learning modules, assignments, and quizzes. In each course, all the necessary course content to achieve the learning objectives is available in video format. This means that instructors can opt to deliver the majority of the course on the platform if they like.

The platform also marks assigned homework and quizzes. This reduces the marking workload for instructors, allowing them to focus on facilitating. Analytics on student progress is also available. Instructors can track who is learning and who may need more assistance.

WileyPLUS also has wealth of resources available to instructors. Programs like the Instructor Academy provide videos and support on how to use the platform. The topics covered include how to navigate to the gradebook and how to integrate to existing learning management systems.

Instructors can sign up for WileyPLUS through the website. Course content is organized by subject and matches corresponding textbooks are available from John Wiley and Sons Inc. The platform charges by students and instructors can choose what features they want as part of the platform.

Benefits for students

For students, the WileyPLUS platform provides enhances the learning experience in many ways. First, they provide content in videos, assignment questions, and digital textbook. Students with different learning styles can choose who they want to absorb the learning.

Next, students can complete assignment questions on the platform and get feedback immediately. This is valuable as it helps students learn from their mistakes sooner rather than waiting for questions to be graded. Students can apply the feedback in their next assignment rather than making the same mistakes.

Additionally, students can increase the amount of practice they get with material. Having access to videos mean they can review content as often as they need. The assignment and quiz question bank enable students to get additional practice beyond what instructors assign. Both features help reinforce student learning.

The platform’s adaptive learning provides customized learning plans for each student. As the student completes modules, the plan adapts to update the learning plan to address any gaps in understanding. This customization focuses students on mastering their weaknesses.

To sign up, students can login to a course through the WileyPLUS website. If they are logging in for the first time, they will want to click Login and then Find Your Course. Search for a course either by a six-digit course ID or by searching for the school. Students need only to search for their course once; the next time they login they can just use their login and password.

WileyPLUS reviews

Websites that have reviewed WileyPLUS give the product a 4 out of 5-star rating. Common feedback about the platform is that it has responsive support team and is great for mid-market institutions.

G2.com, a software search engine site, gives WileyPLUS a 4 out of 5 star rating over 49 reviews. The platform scores a 9.0 for ease of setup versus the product average of 8.4.

TrustRadius reviews are also positive; instructors from large and mid-sized universities have found the integration features and adaptive homework for students valuable.

Similar services to WileyPLUS

Other textbook publishers and learning management software companies offer similar services to WileyPLUS. Services like McGraw-Hill Connect, Pearson GradPoint, TalentLMS, and Blackboard collaborate all deliver education on web-based platforms. While all share a similar goal of delivering education, each platform has their own unique feature or market that they cater to.

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